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BLURT+ Special guest

- No Wave, Fusion, Jazz -

Am 23.09.2018 um 19:00

Wir wagen ein weiteres Konzert am so wie frueher in der Lila Eule.

BLURT war schon einige Male bei uns zu Gast und es war jedes Mal intensiv - brachial - mitreissend.

The English poet, puppeteer, provocateur and musician Ted Milton is best known for his experimental art rock group Blurt, who were founded in 1979 in Stroud, Gloucestershire. As one of the early Factory records signings, they shared bills with the likes of Joy Division and A Certain Ratio before offending Tony Wilson by comparing the label to the lifestyle-chain Habitat. Also championed at the time by John Peel, the band have been through a number of lineup changes but never really went away, and continued to release albums and singles on a number of different labels, the most recent being "Live at Cafe Oto" (2017) ...!  Now in his 70s, Milton remains a compelling and energetic performer with a unique perspective on the history he has lived through!

Lila Eule

Bernhardstraße 10

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